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AGID CANADA, a registered Canadian charity, is informally affiliated with AGID, the Association of Geoscientists for International Development. AGID CANADA has amassed a large collection of scientific books and journals, mostly related to topics in geology and related subjects, for shipment to institutions around the world. PLEASE NOTE that, with several large shipments in 2007 and 2008, and a final major export of stock in July 2010, the AGID CANADA program is reducing its stocks and closing down its operations, scheduled to achieve a final, legal end in mid-2013. See the news releases, particularly the latest one (below) for further information.

Introduction to AGID CANADA

News Update 12, July 2013 (cessation as a Canadian registered charity)

News Update 13, February 2014 (postscript - official dissolution achieved)

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You can contact us at:

Dr Owen L. White
P.O. Box 860, Station K,
Toronto, Ontario
M4P 2H2 Canada

Tel (416)-481-4731
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