Craignurite from the Isle of Mull,

A curious igneous rock from the Tertiary Volcanic District, western Scotland

118.194 HS [287 kb]

Figs. 1: Photograph of a fresh sample of craignurite from Mull. Sample 118.194, weight, dimensions, magnetic susceptibility, UTM grid location.

"Rock of the Month # 245, posted for November 2021" ---



118.194 HS [245 kb] 118.088 HS [302 kb]

Figs. 2-3: Photographs of three samples of craignurite from Mull. Samples 118.193 and 118.194 (left) and 118.088 (right). These rocks are rather enigmatic: the dark, cm-sized rounded masses are possibly akin to pitchstone, in a largely devitrified groundmass. To be investigated shortly... Weights, dimensions, magnetic susceptibility, UTM grid locations...

In prep.: notes & references, plus petrographic notes and photomicrograph(s) from a new thin section.


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Ordnance Survey ...

Graham Wilson, posted 11 October, 2021

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