30 titles in AGID Canada Catalogue 2001/1

0001 ANON (undated) Bibliography of Geochronology. Geochron Laboratories Inc., Cambridge, MA.

0002 ANON (1987) Radiogenic Age and Isotopic Studies: Report 1. GSC Pap. 87-2, 212pp. U-Pb zircon age dating, Pb isotopes, Canada.

0003 ASHWAL,LD (editor) (1986) Workshop on Early Crustal Genesis: The World's Oldest Rocks. LPI Tech.Rep. 86-04, 185pp. Archean of Greenland, Canada, USA, etc.

0004 AYER,JA et al. (editors) (1995) Summary of Field Work and Other Activities 1995. OGS Misc.Pap. 164, 305pp. Ontario Precambrian geology, rock analysis, etc.

0005 AYRES,LD, THURSTON,PC, CARD,KD and WEBER,W (editors) (1985) Evolution of Archean Supracrustal Sequences. GAC Spec.Pap. 28, 380pp. plus map.

0006 BARTHOLOMEW,MJ (editor) (1984) The Grenville Event in the Appalachians and Related Topics. GSA Spec.Pap. 194, 287pp. Proterozoic Grenville rocks, northeast USA.

0007 CAMPBELL,FHA (editor) (1981) Proterozoic Basins of Canada. GSC Paper 81-10, 358pp.

0008 COHEE,GV, GLAESSNER,MF and HEDBERG,HD (1978) Contributions to the Geologic Time Scale. AAPG Studies in Geology No. 6, 388pp.

0009 EICHER,DL (1968) Geologic Time. Prentice-Hall, Inc., 150pp.

0010 EICHER,DL (1976) Geologic Time. Prentice-Hall, 2nd edition, 150pp.

0011 ESCHER,A and WATT,WS (editors) (1976) Geology of Greenland. Geol.Surv.Greenland, 603pp.

0012 HUNTER,DR (editor) (1981) Precambrian of the Southern Hemisphere. Elsevier, Developments in Precambrian Geology 2, 882pp. Australia, S.Africa, Zimbabwe.

0013 JENSEN,LS and LANGFORD,FF (1985) Geology and petrogenesis of the Archean Abitibi belt in the Kirkland Lake area, Ontario. OGS Misc.Pap. 123, 130pp. plus 2 maps and 1 microfiche sheet.

0014 KRONER,A (editor) (1981) Precambrian Plate Tectonics. Elsevier, Developments in Precambrian Geology 4, 781pp. India, Africa, Australia, Canada, USA.

0015 KRONER,A, HANSON,GN and GOODWIN,AM (editors) (1984) Archaean Geochemistry. Springer-Verlag, 286pp. Archean of south India, W.Australia, China, etc.

0016 LEWRY,JF and STAUFFER,MR (editors) (1990) Trans-Hudson Orogen, The Early Proterozoic of North America. GAC Spec.Pap. 37, 505pp.

0017 McCALL,GJH (editor) (1977) The Archean: Search for the Beginning. Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross, Inc., Stroudsburg, PA, 507pp. S.Africa, Australia, Canada, Scotland, etc.

0018 McGLYNN,JC and FRASER,JA (1972) Archean and Proterozoic Geology of the Yellowknife and Great Bear Areas, Northwest Territories. IGC 24, Field excursion A27, guidebook, 48pp.

0019 MEDARIS,LG (editor) (1983) Early Proterozoic Geology of the Great Lakes Region. GSA Spec.Pap. 160, 141pp. Especially concerning Minnesota and Wisconsin.

0020 MEDARIS,LG, BYERS,CW, MICKELSON,DM and SHANKS,WC (editors) (1983) Proterozoic Geology: Selected Papers from an International Proterozoic Symposium. GSA Spec.Pap. 161, 315pp. Iron formations, life, oceans, glaciation, etc.

0021 MOORE,JM, DAVIDSON,A and BAER,AJ (editors) (1986) The Grenville Province. GAC Spec.Pap. 31, 358pp. Proterozoic Grenville province, mostly Canada.

0022 MOREY,GB and HANSON,GN (editors) (1980) Selected Studies of Archean Gneisses and Lower Proterozoic Rocks, Southern Canadian Shield. GSA Spec.Pap. 182, 175pp. Archean of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

0023 NAGANNA,C (editor) (1975) Studies in Precambrians. Bangalore University, 291pp. With 20 articles, mostly on southern India.

0024 NAQVI,SM and ROGERS,JJW (1987) Precambrian Geology of India. Oxford University Press, 223pp.

0025 ONTARIO GEOLOGICAL SURVEY (1978) Ontario Geological Map (Bedrock). OGS Maps 2132, 2199, 2200, 2201, 2391, 2393, 1:1,013,760 scale (set of 6 maps). Several copies .

0026 OSBORNE,FF (editor) (1964) Geochronology in Canada. RSC Spec.Publ. 8, University of Toronto Press, 156pp.

0027 PARRISH,R and RODDICK,JC (1985) Geochronology and Isotope Geology for the Geologist and Explorationist. GAC, Cordilleran Section, Short Course 4.

0028 PHAROAH,TC, BECKINSALE,RD and RICKARD,D (editors) (1987) Geochemistry and Mineralization of Proterozoic Volcanic Suites. Geol.Soc. Spec.Publ. 33, 575pp. Europe, Americas, Africa, Australia, Asia.

0029 SALOP,LJ (1982) Geological Evolution of the Earth During the Precambrian. Springer-Verlag, 459pp. Russia, Canada, Australia, etc.

0030 WINDLEY,BF (editor) (1976) The Early History of The Earth. Wiley-Interscience, 619pp. Archean geology of Greenland, Africa, India, etc.

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