5 titles in AGID Canada Catalogue 2001/1

0718 ANON (1976) Archaeology and the Law in Ontario. Ontario Ministry of Culture & Recreation

0719 FARQUHAR,RM, HANCOCK,RGV and PAVLISH,LA (editors) (1988) Proceedings of the 26th International Archaeometry Symposium. Toronto, 16-20 May 1988. Archaeometry Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Toronto, 273pp. 46 papers on petrography, INAA, metallurgy, etc. Several copies.

0720 KATZ,SR and KATZ,PR (1976) Archeological Investigations in Lower Tule Canyon, Briscoe County, Texas. Texas Historical Foundation, Texas Tech. University, Texas Historical, Austin, TX.

0721 LASCA,NP and DONAHUE,J (editors) (1990) Archaeological Geology of North America. GSA Centennial Spec.Vol. 4, DNAG volume, 633pp.

0722 TARLING,DH (1983) Paleomagnetism - Principles and Applications in Geology, Geophysics and Archaeology. Chapman and Hall, London, 379pp.

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