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0031 ANON (1972) Environmental-Social Committee Northern Pipelines of the Task Force on Northern Oil Development, Report No.72-1; Report on Research under the Environmental-Social Program Northern Pipelines, May 1972. Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development; Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources; Minister of the Environment, 109pp.

0032 ANON (1975) Explorers Guide, Canada's Arctic, 1975 - Northwest Territories. Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife, NWT, 63pp.

0033 ANON (1975) Gravel Probing Report: City of Yellowknife, Report AL0549. Klohn Leonoff Consultants Ltd., Civil and Geotechnical Engineers, Calgary.

0034 ANON (1977) Alaska Highway Pipeline Inquiry. Minister of Supply and Services Canada, Ottawa, 171pp.

0035 ANON (1995) The 25th Arctic Workshop, Centre d'Etudes Nordiques, Universite Laval, Quebec March 16 - 18, 1995. L'Universite Laval, Quebec, 206pp.

0036 BRENNAN,AM (1988) Permafrost Bibliography Update, 1983 - 1987, Glaciological Data, Report GD-21, 5th International Conference on Permafrost, Trondheim, Norway, 1988. World Data Center for Glaciology (Snow and Ice), University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, 225pp.

0037 BROWN,RJE (1972) Permafrost In The Canadian Arctic Archipelago. National Research Council, Ottawa, Technical Paper 379.

0038 BROWN,RJE (1975) Permafrost Investigations in Quebec and Newfoundland (Labrador). National Research Council, Ottawa, Tech.Pap. 449, 36pp. plus tables.

0039 BRYAN,K (1946) Cryopedology - the Study of Frozen Ground and Intensive Frost-Action with Suggestions on Nomenclature. American Journal of Science, vol.244, reprint, September 1946.

0040 COMMITTEE ON PERMAFROST, POLAR RESEARCH BOARD, COMMISSION ON PHYSICAL SCIENCES, MATHEMATICS, and RESOURCES and NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (1983) Permafrost Research: An Assessment of Future Needs. National Academy Press, Washington, D.C., 103pp.

0041 FLINT,RF (1971) Glacial and Quaternary Geology. John Wiley and Sons Inc., New York, 892pp.

0042 HYNES,HBN (1966) The Biology of Polluted Waters. Liverpool University Press, 202pp.

0043 JOHNSTON,GH and LADANYI,B (1974) Field Tests of Deep Power-Installed Screw Anchors in Permafrost. National Research Council, Oottawa, Research Paper No.608.

0044 LADANYI,B and JOHNSTON,GH (1974) Behavior of Circular Footings and Plate Anchors in Permafrost. National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Research Paper No.618.

0045 LEGGETT,RF (1959) Potentialities of the Northwest: An Engineering Assessment. Technical Paper 65 of Building Research, 22pp.

0046 NORTHERN AFFAIRS PROGRAM (1989) Permafrost and Terrain Research and Monitoring: Norman Wells Pipeline. Volume 1, Research and Engineering Considerations and Volume II, Research and Monitoring Results, 1983 - 1988. Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Ottawa. Environmental Studies 64.

0047 PADDISON,FC and STONE,AM (1972) Transportation In The Arctic: Technical Memorandum, TG 1190, Copy No. 307, April 1972. The John Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory, Silver Springs, MD, 93pp.

0048 PENNER,E (1973) Frost Heaving Pressures In Particulate Materials. National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Research Paper No.579.

0049 CIM (1969) Ice Seminar. CIMM Spec.Vol. 10, 110pp.

0050 PENNER,E (1974) Uplift Forces on Foundations in Frost Heaving Soils. National Research Council, Ottawa, Research Paper No.607.

0051 PENNER,E, JOHNSTON,GH and GOODRICH,LE (1975) Thermal Conductivity Laboratory Studies of Some MacKenzie Highway Soils. National Research Council, Ottawa, Research Paper No.641

0052 SLUSARCHUK,WA and WATSON,GH (1975) Thermal Conductivity of Some Ice Rich Permafrost Soils. National Research Council, Ottawa, Research Paper No.649.

0053 STILES,ME et al. (1972) A Study of Food Costs and Availability, Fort Smith Region, Northwest Territories, Progress Report, March 1972. School of Household Economics and Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Alberta, Edmonton and Northern Region - Medical Services Branch, Dept. of National Health and Welfare, Ottawa, 53pp.

0054 VAN EVERDINGEN,RO (1979) Potential Interactions between Pipelines and Terrain in a Northern Environment. National Hydrology Research Institute, Inland Waters Directorate, Ottawa, NHRI Paper No. 8, IWD Technical Bulletin No.114.

0055 WASHBURN,AL (1973) Periglacial Processes and Environments. Edward Arnold Publishers Ltd., 320pp.

0056 WATSON,GH, ROWLEY,RK and SLUSARCHUK,WA (1973) Performance of a Warm-Oil Pipeline Buried In Permafrost. National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Research Paper No.602.

0057 WILLIAMS,GP (1972) A Case History of Forecasting Frazil Ice. National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Research Paper No.591.

0058 WOO,MK and GREGOR,DJ (1991) Arctic Environment: Past, Present & Future. McMaster University, Dept. of Geography, Hamilton, 164pp. Proceedings of a symposium held at McMaster University.

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