29 titles in AGID Canada Catalogue 2001/1

0059 ADAMS,FD (1938) The Birth and Development of the Geological Sciences. Dover Publications, 506pp. History of science.

0060 AKHMANOVA,OS (editor) (1965) Russian-English Dictionary. Soviet Encyclopedia Publishing House, Moscow, 766pp.

0061 ALEXANDER,GL (1971) Guide to Atlases: World, Regional, National, Thematic. Scarecrow Press, Inc., Metuchen, NJ, 671pp.

0062 ALEXANDER,GL (1972) Dictionnaire des métaux non ferreux. Union Minière, Brussels, Belgium, 224pp. (in Fr.). Basic reference on the non-ferrous metals.

0063 AMSTUTZ,GC (1971) Glossary of Mining Geology. Elsevier Publishing Company, 196pp. English, Spanish, French, German.

0064 ANON (1958) Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia. D. Van Nostrand Inc., Princeton, N.J., 3rd edition, 1839pp.

0065 ANON (1959) Geological Nomenclature: English, Dutch, French, German. Royal Geological & Mining Society of the Netherlands, 523pp.

0066 BETTERIDGE,HT (editor) (1958) Cassell's German & English Dictionary. Cassell, London, 2nd edition, 617pp.

0067 BISSIO,R (editor) (1995) The World: a Third World Guide 1995/96. Instituto del Tercer Mundo, Montevideo, Uruguay, 623pp. Geopolitical country profiles, worldwide.

0068 CLARK,GL (editor) (1966) The Encyclopedia of Chemistry. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York, 1144pp.

0069 CLARK,SP (1966) Handbook of Physical Constants. GSA Memoir 97, 587pp. Physical and mechanical properties, etc.

0070 CODATA (1969) International Compendium of Numerical Data Projects. Springer-Verlag, 295pp.

0071 DENNIS,JG (editor) (1967) International Tectonic Dictionary (English Terminology). American Association of Petroleum Geolgists, Tulsa, OK, 196pp.

0072 DRAKE,ET and JORDAN,WM (editors) (1985) Geologists and Ideas: a History of North American Geology. GSA Centennial Spec.Vol. 1, DNAG volume, 525pp.

0073 ECKEL,EB (1982) The Geological Society of America - Life History of a Learned Society. GSA Memoir 155, 167pp.

0074 FAIRBRIDGE,RW (editor) (1975) The Encyclopedia of World Regional Geology, Part I: Western Hemisphere (including Antarctica and Australia). Halsted Press, 703pp. Canada, S.America, Central America, New Zealand.

0075 FAY,AH (1918) A Glossary of the Mining and Mineral Industry. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC, 754pp.

0076 GIANCOLA,D (editor) (1995) American Mines Handbook 1996. Southam Magazine & Information Group, Toronto, 380pp. Mining companies active in or based in USA. See also [1294-1296].

0077 KAPLAN,SR (editor) (1965) A Guide to Information Sources in Mining, Minerals, and Geosciences. Interscience Publishers, 599pp.

0078 MOORE,WG (1966) A Dictionary of Geography. Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, 196pp.

0079 RICE,CM (1957) Dictionary of Geological Terms. Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI, 465pp.

0080 SCHWICKER,AC (1968) International Dictionary of Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Geology, Mining and Oil Industries: English, French, German, Italian. Technoprint International, Milan / McGraw-Hill, reprinted 1970, 1530pp.

0081 SHOWERS,V (1973) The World in Figures. John Wiley, New York, 585pp.

0082 THRUSH,PW and THE STAFF OF THE BUREAU OF MINES (1968) A Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Topics. US Department of the Interior, Washington, 1268pp.

0083 TIME-LIFE BOOKS (1985) Computer Basics: Understanding Computers. Time-Life Books, Alexandria, VA, 127pp.

0084 UVAROV,EB and CHAPMAN,DR (1959) A Dictionary of Science. Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, England, revised edition, 240pp.

0085 WARD,DC, WHEELER,MW and PANGBORN,MW (1972) Geologic Reference Sources: a Subject and Regional Bibliography of Publications and Maps in the Geological Sciences. Scarecrow Press Inc., Metuchen, NJ, 453pp.

0086 WOOD,DN (editor) (1973) Use of Earth Sciences Literature. Archon Books, 459pp. Sources for regional geology, fossils, etc.

0087 WYLLIE,RJM and ARGALL,GO (editors) (1975) World Mining Glossary of Mining, Processing, and Geological Terms. Miller Freeman Publications, Inc., San Francisco, CA, 2nd revised edition, 432pp. English, Swedish, German, French, Spanish.

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