56 titles in AGID Canada Catalogue 2001/1

0464 ANON (1961) Symposium on Feldspars. International Mineralogical Association, Copenhagen, published Madrid, 25 papers & abstracts (21 English, 3 French and 1 German).

0465 ANON (1972) Color Treasury of Crystals - Symmetry in the Mineral Kingdom. Crescent Books, New York, 80pp.

0466 AZAROFF,LV and BUERGER,MJ (1958) The Powder Method in X-Ray Crystallography. McGraw-Hill, New York, 342pp.

0467 BAILEY,SW (editor) (1984) Micas. Min.Soc.Amer. Reviews in Mineralogy 13, 584pp.

0468 BAILEY,SW (editor) (1988) Hydrous Phyllosilicates (Exclusive of Micas). Min.Soc.Amer. Reviews in Mineralogy 19, 725pp. Clay minerals, serpentine, talc, chlorites, etc.

0469 BASTIN,ES (1950) Interpretation of Ore Textures. GSA Memoir 45, 101pp.

0470 BERRY,LG and MASON,B (1959) Mineralogy. W.H.Freeman and Company, 630pp.

0471 BIRKS,LS (1963) Electron Probe Microanalysis. Interscience Publishers, New York, 253pp.

0472 BLOSS,FD (1961) An Introduction to the Methods of Optical Crystallography. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 294pp.

0473 BOISEN,MB and GIBBS,GV (1985) Mathematical Crystallography: An Introduction to the Mathematical Foundations of Crystallography. Min.Soc.Amer. Reviews in Mineralogy 15, 406pp.

0474 BURNS,RG (editor) (1979) Marine Minerals. Min.Soc.Amer. Reviews in Mineralogy 6, 380pp.

0475 CARMICHAEL,ISE and EUGSTER,HP (editors) (1987) Thermodynamic Modeling of Geological Materials: Minerals, Fluids and Melts. Min.Soc.Amer. Reviews in Mineralogy 17, 499pp.

0476 CHRISTIE,OHJ (editor) (1962) Feldspar volume. NGT 42 part 2, 606pp.

0477 CULLITY,BD (1956) Elements of X-Ray Diffraction. Addison-Wesley Publ.Co., Inc., Reading, MA, 514pp.

0478 DALTRY,VDC (1992) Type Mineralogy of Namibia. Geol.Surv.Namibia Bull. 1, 142pp. Systematic mineralogy, Tsumeb and Kombat mines.

0479 DANIELS,F and SAUNDERS,DF (1950) The Thermoluminescience of Crystals. University of Wisconsin and United States Atomic Energy Commission, circa 1950.

0480 DEER,WA, HOWIE,RA and ZUSSMAN,J (1962) Rock-Forming Minerals, Volume 1. Ortho- and Ring Silicates. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 333pp.

0481 DEER,WA, HOWIE,RA and ZUSSMAN,J (1966) An Introduction to the Rock Forming Minerals. Longman, London, 528pp.

0482 DOE,BR and SMITH,DK (editors) (1972) Studies in Mineralogy and Precambrian Geology. GSA Memoir 135, 348pp. Geology of Minnesota, amphiboles, eclogites, etc.

0483 EDWARDS,AB (1954) Textures of the Ore Minerals and their Significance. Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 242pp.

0484 ERNST,WG (1968) Amphiboles. Springer-Verlag, 125pp.

0485 FLEISCHER,M (1983) Glossary of Mineral Species 1983. Fourth edition, Mineral.Record, Tucson, 202pp. Covers mineralogical literature to 01 Oct 1982.

0486 FORD,WE (1932) Dana's Textbook of Mineralogy. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 4th edition, 851pp.

0487 FOSTER,MD (1965) Studies of the Zeolites. USGS Prof.Pap. 504-D,E, 7+8pp. Two papers on natrolite, thomsonite, gonnardite.

0488 GOLDSTEIN,JI, NEWBURY,DE, ECHLIN,P, JOY,DA, ROMIG,AD, LYMAN,CE, FIORI,C and LIFSHIN,E (1992) Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis: A Text for Biologists, Materials Scientists, and Geologists. Plenum Press, New York, 2nd edition, 820pp.

0489 GRIM,RE (1953) Clay Mineralogy. McGraw-Hill, 384pp.

0490 HAY,HL (1966) Zeolites and Zeolitic Reactions in Sedimentary Rocks. GSA Spec.Pap. 85, 130pp. Zeolites and associated authigenic silicates.

0491 HURLBUT,CS (1952) Dana's Manual of Mineralogy. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 16th edition, 530pp.

0492 IMA (1998) Abstracts and Program, 17th General Meeting. International Mineralogical Association, Toronto, 169pp. Modern mineralogical research. Several copies.

0493 JAMBOR,JL and VAUGHAN,DJ (editors) (1990) Advanced Microscopic Studies of Ore Minerals. MAC Short Course 17, 426pp.

0494 KIEFFER,SW and NAVROTSKY,A (editors) (1985) Microscopic to Macroscopic Atomic Environments to Mineral Thermodynamics. Min.Soc.Amer. Reviews in Mineralogy 14, 428pp.

0495 LASAGA,AC and KIRKPATRICK,RJ (editors) (1981) Kinetics of Geochemical Processes. Min.Soc.Amer. Reviews in Mineralogy 8, 398pp.

0496 LONGSTAFFE,FJ (editor) (1981) Clays and the Resource Geologist. MAC Short Course 7, 199pp.

0497 MERLINO,S (editor) (1997) Modular Aspects of Minerals. European Mineralogical Union / Eotvos University Press, Budapest, EMU Notes in Mineralogy 1, 450pp. Modern approach to crystal structures.

0498 MUMPTON,FA (editor) (1977) Mineralogy and Geology of Natural Zeolites. Min.Soc.Amer. Reviews in Mineralogy 4, 233pp.

0499 PHILLIPS,FC (1946) An Introduction to Crystallography. Longmans, Green and Co. Ltd, London, 302pp.

0500 PREWITT,CT (editor) (1980) Pyroxenes. Min.Soc.Amer. Reviews in Mineralogy 7, 525pp.

0501 REEDER,RJ (editor) (1983) Carbonates: Mineralogy and Chemistry. Min.Soc.Amer. Reviews in Mineralogy 11, 394pp.

0502 ROGERS,AF and KERR,PF (1942) Optical Mineralogy. McGraw-Hill, 2nd edition, 390pp.

0503 RUMBLE,D (editor) (1976) Oxide Minerals. Min.Soc.Amer. Reviews in Mineralogy 3.

0504 SAND,LB and MUMPTON,FA (1978) Natural Zeolite-Occurrence, Properties, Use. Pergamon Press, Oxford, 546pp.

0505 SHORT,MN (1940) Microscopic Determination of the Ore Minerals. USGS Bull. 914, 2nd edition, 314pp.

0506 SMITH,DGW (editor) (1976) Short Course in Microbeam Analysis. MAC Short Course Handbook 1, 186pp.

0507 SPRY,PG and GEDLINSKE,BL (1987) Tables for the Determination of Common Opaque Minerals. Econ.Geol.Publ.Co., 52pp.

0508 SWINEFORD,A (editor) (1956) Clays and Clay Minerals - Proceedings of the Fourth National Conference on Clays and Clay Minerals, Pennyslvania State University, October 10-13, 1955. National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council, Washington, D.C., 444pp.

0509 TEODOROVICH,GI (1961) Authigenic Minerals in Sedimentary Rocks. Consultants Bureau, New York, 120pp.

0510 VALLEY,JW, TAYLOR,HP and O'NEIL,JR (editors) (1986) Stable Isotopes in High Temperature Geological Processes. Min.Soc.Amer. Reviews in Mineralogy 16, 570pp.

0511 VANDERS,I and KERR,PF (1967) Mineral Recognition. John Wiley and Sons, 316pp. Well-illustrated text on mineralogy and crystals.

0512 VEBLEN,DR (editor) (1981) Amphiboles and Other Hydrous Pyriboles - Mineralogy. Min.Soc.Amer. Reviews in Mineralogy 9A, 372pp.

0513 VEBLEN,DR (editor) (1982) Amphiboles: Petrology and Experimental Phase Relations. Min.Soc.Amer. Reviews in Mineralogy 9B, 390pp.

0514 WAHLSTROM,EE (1943) Optical Crystallography. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, 206pp.

0515 WAHLSTROM,EE (1951) Optical Crystallography. Wiley, 2nd edition, 247pp.

0516 WHITE,JC (editor) (1985) Applications of Electron Microscopy in the Earth Sciences. MAC Short Course 11, 213pp.

0517 WINCHELL,AN (1937) Elements of Optical Mineralogy: an Introduction to Microscopic Petrography. Part I. Principles and Methods. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, 5th edition, 263pp.

0518 WINCHELL,AN and WINCHELL,H (1933) Elements of Optical Mineralogy: an Introduction to Microscopic Petrography. Part II. Descriptions of Minerals. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, 3rd edition, 459pp.

0519 WINCHELL,AN (1942) Elements of Mineralogy, Emphasizing the Variations in Minerals. Prentice-Hall, New York, 535pp.

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