40 titles in AGID Canada Catalogue 2001/1

1282 ABKOWITZ,S, BURKE,JJ and HILTZ,JR.,RH (1955) Titanium in Industry: Technology of Structural Titanium. D. Van Nostrand Company Inc., Toronto, 224pp.

1283 ANON (1981) Pit Slope Manual, with 10 chapters and supplements (Summary, Structural Geology, Mechanical Properties, Groundwater, Design, Mechanical Support, Perimeter Blasting, Monitoring, Waste Embankments and Environmental Planning) Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology - Mining Research Laboratories. CANMET Reports.

1284 ANON (1987) Gold Plant Operators Course. Western Australian School of Mines, Dept. of Minerals Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy, 3rd edition.

1285 ANON (1994) Papers Presented at the 1994 ONRSA Mining Health and Safety Conference, May 5 & 6, 1994, Toronto. Ontario Natural Resources Safety Association, Toronto.

1286 ANON (1997) Wireless Underground Communications Systems - The Solution for Wireless Teloperation of LHDS and Drilling Rigs. NTSC Video System. Elektrobit Inc., Bellevue, WA.

1287 ATAK,S, ONAL,G and CELIK,MS (editors) (1998) Innovations in Mineral and Coal Processing - Proceedings of the 7th International Mineral Processing Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey, September 15 - 17, 1998. A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 907pp.

1288 BANKS,FE (1979) Bauxite and Aluminum: An Introduction to the Economics of Nonfuel Minerals. D.C. Heath and Company / Lexington Books, Lexington, MA, 189pp.

1289 BODIFEE,G (1988) Het Vreemde van de Aarde. DNB / Uitgeverij Pelckmans, 181pp. (in Dutch).

1290 CANADIAN COPPER and BRASS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (1982) A Vocabulary of Copper and its Alloys. Minister of Supply and Services Canada, Ottawa, revised and enlarged edition, 148pp.

1291 CHIZHIKOV,DM (1966) Cadmium. Pergamon Press, Oxford, England, 263pp. Trans. by D.E. Hayler.

1292 CONVEY,J et al. (editors) (1957) The Milling of Canadian Ores. 6th Commonwealth Mining and Metallurgical Congress, 447pp. Milling of Au, Ag-Co, Cu, Pb-Zn, U, other ores.

1293 CUMMINS,AB and GIVEN,IA (editors) (1973) SME Mining Engineering Handbook, Volume I and II. Society of Mining Engineers of The American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Eengineers, Inc., New York.

1294 GIANCOLA,D (editor) (1996) American Mines Handbook 1997. Southam Magazine & Information Group, Toronto, 424pp. See also 0076.

1295 GIANCOLA,D (editor) (1996) Canadian Mines Handbook, 1996-1997. Southam Magazine & Information Group, Toronto, 644pp.

1296 GIANCOLA,D (editor) (1997) Canadian Mines Handbook, 1997-1998. Southam Magazine & Information Group, Toronto, 684pp.

1297 HENSTOCK,ME (1996) The Recycling of Non-Ferrous Metals. International Council on Metals and the Environment, Ottawa, 342pp.

1298 LOWNIE,HW, McLEER,TJ, DAVIDSON,RS and MOODY,CW (1982) Final Report on Technical and Economic Feasibility for Production of Direct-Reduced Iron in Minnesota to Minnesota Department of Energy, Planning and Development, March 1982. Technical Assistance Project, Economic Development Administration, U. S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.

1299 McKINSTRY,HE (1948) Mining Geology. Prentice-Hall, 680pp.

1300 MERKS,JW (1985) Sampling and Weighing of Bulk Solids. Trans Tech Publications, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany, 1st edition, 410pp.

1301 MERKS,JW (1992) Precision and Bias for Ore Reserves - A Workshop. Matrix Consultants Limited, Vancouver, B.C.

1302 MILLER,CG, OLEWILER,ND and RICHARDSON,PR (1978) Cerro Colorado: a Case Study of the Role of Canadian Corporations in Foreign Mineral Development. Centre for Resource Studies, Kingston, Working Paper 13, 46pp. Mine financing for porphyry Cu mine in Panama.

1303 MULAR,AL (1978) Mineral Processing Equipment Costs and Preliminary Capital Cost Estimations. CIMM Spec.Vol. 18, 166pp. Updated work - crushing, grinding, flotation.

1304 MULAR,AL and BHAPPU,RB (editors) (1978) Mineral Processing Plant Design. Society Mining Engineers, American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers, Inc., New York, 883pp.

1305 PANAGIOTOU,GN and MICHALAKOPOULOS,TN (editors) (1998) Information Technologies in the Minerals Industry, includes CD-ROM, with complete proceedings of MineIT'97. A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 110pp. plus 1 CD-ROM.

1306 PANAGIOTOU,GN and STURGUL,JR (editors) (1997) Mine Simulation: Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Mine Simulation Via the Internet, December 2 - 13, 1996, includes CD-ROM with complete proceedings of MineSim '96. A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 111pp.

1307 PARLEE,JC et al. (editors) (1957) Mining in Canada. 6th Commonwealth Mining and Metallurgical Congress, 597pp. Mining methods.

1308 PICKETT,DR (editor) (1978) Milling Practice in Canada. CIMM Spec.Vol. 16, 413pp. plus map. Review of metal refineries in Canada.

1309 QUENEAU,P (editor) (1961) Extractive Metallurgy of Copper, Mickel, and Cobalt. Interscience Publishers, New York, 647pp.

1310 RADETZKI,M and ZORN,S (1979) Financing Mining Projects in Developing Countries - A United Nations Study. Mining Journal Books Limited, London, 189pp.

1311 RICHARDSON,WG (1974) A Survey of Canadian Mining History. CIMM Spec.Vol. 14, 115pp. Introductory notes and bibliography.

1312 SAFETY COMMITTEE - BRITISH COLUMBIA and YUKON CHAMBER OF MINES (1982) Safety Manual: Mineral Exploration in Western Canada. B.C. and Yukon Chamber of Mines, Vancouver, 118pp.

1313 SERJEANTSON,R (editor) (1982) Aluminum. Metal Bulletin Monthly, supplement, 82pp.

1314 SINGHAL,RK (editor) (1998) Mine Planning and Equipment Selection 1998. A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 813pp.

1315 SLOAN,DA (1983) Mine Management. Methuen, Toronto, 495pp.

1316 STRAKOS,V, KEBO,V, FARANA,R and SMUTNY,L (editors) (1997) Mine Planning and Equipment Selection '97. A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1015pp.

1317 UNTERWEISER,PM and PENZENIK,M (editors) (1980) Worldwide Guide to Equivalent Nonferrous Metals and Alloys. American Society for Metals, Metals Park, OH, 626pp.

1318 VAN DER VLERK,IM and KUENEN,PH (1964) Logboek der Aarde. Phoenix Pocket No.32, 195pp. (in Dutch).

1319 VAN MELSEN,AGM (1964) Evolutie en Wijsbegeerte. Aula-Boeken, Utrecht, 236pp. (in Dutch).

1320 VARIOUS AUTHORS (1983) Aluminum. Collection of approximately 46 reports and reprints on the economic geology of aluminum, dated 1966-1983.

1321 WALKER,WBG (1984) Mining Exploration Agreements. CIMM Spec.Vol. 28, 82pp.

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