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Book & Journal Donation Project
News Update No.13.

AGID CANADA has ceased operation, and terminated its legal existence with due attention to Canadian federal law. This was verified in a letter from Corporations Canada, file 302466-1, dated 16 January 2014. The letter was accompanied by a certificate, "Directive of Dissolution and Cancellation of Charter" dated 19 December 2013. The certificate finds that AGID CANADA complied with the provisions of Section 32 of the Canada Corporations Act and legal dissolution was thereby achieved. Final confirmation that the AGID CANADA adventure has ended in an orderly, legal fashion was received from the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency in August 2014.

This brings to an end a 20-year tale of an endeavour that touched geoscientists in many countries, as documented in the AGID CANADA pages on this web site. Some years were extremely active, others less so. There were many financial, logistical, communications and cultural barriers to the notionally simple task of shipping books. Not all of our goals could be achieved, and some disappointments were visited on the AGID CANADA volunteers and actual and prospective recipients, alike. Perhaps we will write a formal account of this journey, which has lessons for others who would conduct similar aid missions, in the absence of major governmental or corporate sponsors!

Prepared by Graham Wilson, memo released on 28 February 2014 and updated on 16 August 2014

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