25 titles in AGID Canada Catalogue 2001/1

0523 ANDREWS,JT (editor) (1974) Glacial Isostasy. Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross Inc., Stroudsburg, PA, 491pp.

0524 ANON (1986) Glaciological Studies in Patagonia, 1985-1986. Report of Research Project, the Grant-in-aid for Overseas Scientific Survey of Japanese Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, 175pp.

0525 BARNETT,PJ (1989) Quaternary Geology of the Bancroft Area, Southern Ontario. OGS Report 262, 93pp. plus OGS map 2500, 1:50,000 scale.

0526 CLARK,PU and LEA,PD (editors) (1992) The Last Interglacial-Glacial Transition in North America. GSA Spec.Pap. 270, 317pp. Field geology, dating, Wisconsinan stratigraphy.

0527 COATES,DR (editor) (1974) Glacial Geomorphology. State University of New York, Binghamton, NY, 389pp.

0528 DAVIDSON-ARNOTT,R, NICKLING,W and FAHEY,BD (1982) Research in Glacial, Glacio-Fluvial and Glacio-Lacustrine Systems. GOE Books Norwich 1982 and Geomorphology Symposium, University of Guelph, 318pp.

0529 EHLERS,J (editor) (1983) Glacial Deposits in North-West Europe. A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam, 470pp.

0530 FLINT,RF (1957) Glacial and Pleistocene Geology. John Wiley & Sons, London, 553pp.

0531 FULTON,RJ (editor) (1989) Quaternary Geology of Canada and Greenland. GSC Geology of Canada No.1 / GSA Spec.Vol. K-1, DNAG volume, 838pp. plus map folder.

0532 GADD,NR (editor) (1988) The Late Quaternary Development of the Champlain Sea Basin. GAC Spec.Pap. 35, 312pp.

0533 HAMBREY,M and ALEAN,J (1992) Glaciers. Cambridge University Press, 208pp.

0534 HORIE,S (editor) (1975) Paleolimnology of Lake Biwa and the Japanese Pleistocene, Volume 3. Contributions on the Paleolimnology of Lake Biwa and Japanese Pleistocene No.85, 577pp.

0535 KARROW,PF and CALKIN,PE (editors) (1985) Quaternary Evolution of the Great Lakes. GAC Spec.Pap. 30, 258pp. Great Lakes of Canada (Ontario) and USA. Several copies.

0536 KELLY,RI, BARNETT,PJ and DELORME,RS (1987) An Annotated Bibliography of the Quaternary Geology and History for the Don Valley Brickworks. OGS Misc.Pap. 135, 38pp.

0537 MORRISON,RB (editor) (1991) Quaternary Nonglacial Geology: Conterminous U.S. GSA Spec.Vol. K-2, DNAG volume, 672pp. plus map folder.

0538 PAWLUK,S (1969) Pedology and Quaternary Research. University of Alberta, Edmonton.

0539 RUDDIMAN,WF and WRIGHT,HE (editors) (1987) North America and Adjacent Oceans During the Last Deglaciation. GSA Spec.Vol. K-3, DNAG volume, 501pp. plus 2 maps.

0540 RUTTER,NW (editor) (1985) Dating Methods of Pleistocene Deposits and their Problems. Geoscience Canada Reprint Series 2, 87pp. Paleosols, thermoluminescence, ESR, etc.

0541 SADO,EV and CARSWELL,BF (1987) Surficial Geology of Northern Ontario. OGS Map 2518, 1:1,200,000 scale.

0542 TURNOCK,CA (editor) (1971) Geoscience Studies in Manitoba. GAC Spec.Pap. 9, 352pp. plus maps. Regional and Quaternary geology, central Canada.

0543 WAKEFIELD,D and JONES,JK (editors) (1970) Pleistocene and Recent Environments of the Central Great Plains. Department of Geology, University of Kansas, Special Publication 3, 433pp.

0544 WEIDICK,A (1968) Observations on Some Holocene Glacier Fluctuations in West Greenland. C.A. Reitzels Forlag, 202pp.

0545 WESTGATE,JA and GOLD,CM (1974) World Bibliography and Index of Quaternary Tephrochronology. University of Alberta, 528pp.

0546 WILSON,GC (editor) (1998) 1996 Annual Report. IsoTrace Laboratory, University of Toronto, 51pp. Radiocarbon dating, accelerator mass spectrometry [AMS], mineralogy (latest of set of four reports, 1993-1996).

0547 WRIGHT,HE and FREY,DG (editors) (1965) The Quaternary of the United States: A Review Volume for the VII Congress of the International Association for Quaternary Research. Princeton University Press, NJ, 922pp.

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