25 titles in AGID Canada Catalogue 2001/1

0685 ANON (1957) Economic Applications of Atomic Energy. United Nations, New York, 108pp.

0686 ANON (1963) Geology and Technology of the Grants Uranium Region. New Mexico Bureau of Mining and Technology, Memoir 15, 277pp. Geology of U deposits of New Mexico, USA.

0687 ANON (1976) National Uranium Resource Evaluation, Preliminary Report. U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration, Grand Junction, CO, 132pp.

0688 ANON (1977) Recognition and Evaluation of Uraniferous Areas. IAEA, Vienna, 295pp.

0689 ANON (1979) International Uranium Symposium on the Pine Creek Geosyncline - Extended Abstracts. IAEA, Vienna, 215pp.

0690 ANON (1979) International Uranium Symposium on the Pine Creek Geosyncline - Excursion Guide. IAEA, Vienna, 37pp.

0691 BOWIE,SHU, FYFE,WS, OSTLE,D, PLANT,J and SIMPSON,PR (organizers) (1979) Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Uranium Geology. Royal Society, London, Phil.Trans.Roy.Soc.Lond. A291, 255-452.

0692 BUNTAIN,DHL (1966) Uranium: The Fuel Source of the Atomic Era. Burns Bros. and Denton Ltd, Toronto, 78pp. Notes on Canadian U producers.

0693 EVANS,AM (1967) Development of lit-par-lit gneiss at the Bicroft Uranium Mine, Ontario. Reprinted from Can.Mineral. 8, 593-609. A parcel of reprints is available on U geology.

0694 FERGUSON,J and GOLEBY,AB (1980) Uranium in the Pine Creek Geosyncline. IAEA, Vienna, 760pp. plus separate maps.

0695 FRIEDRICH,G, GATZWEILER,R and VOGT,J (editors) (1987) Uranium Mineralization. New Aspects on Geology, Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Exploration Methods. Mineral Deposits Monograph 27, Gebruder Borntraeger, Berlin, 197pp.

0696 FRONDEL,C (1958) Systematic Mineralogy of Uranium and Thorium. USGS Bull. 1064, 400pp.

0697 GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF INDIA (1988) Uranium and Gold-Bearing Quartz-Pebble Conglomerates of India. Geol.Soc.India Memoir 9, 128pp.

0698 INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY (1989) Uranium Resources and Geology of North America. URGNA, Vienna, 529pp.

0699 KIMBERLEY,MM (editor) (1978) Uranium Deposits, their Mineralogy and Origin. MAC Short Course Handbook 3, 523pp.

0700 LAINE,R, ALONSO,D and SVAB,M (editors) (1985) The Carswell Structure Uranium Deposits, Saskatchewan. GAC Spec.Pap. 29, 230pp. plus map.

0701 LANG,AH, GRIFFITH,JW and STEACY,HR (1962) Canadian Deposits of Uranium and Thorium. GSC Econ.Geol.Series 16, 324pp.

0702 McKELVEY,VE (1955) Search for Uranium in the United States. USGS Bull. 1030-A.

0703 MERRITT,RC (1971) The Extractive Metallurgy of Uranium. Colorado School of Mines, 576pp.

0704 NICHOLS,CE, KANE,VE, BROWNING,MT and CAGLE,GW (1976) Northwest Texas Pilot Geochemical Survey: Uranium Resources Evaluation Project. Union Carbide, Oak Ridge, TN, 9 sections.

0705 ROFBLAT,J (editor) (1954) Atomic Energy - A Survey. Atomic Scientists' Association, London, 72pp.

0706 SPRIGGS,MJ and CASTEEL,KD (1977) Uranium Supply and Demand. Mining Journal Books Ltd / The Uranium Institute, 273pp.

0707 TREMBLAY,LP (1982) Geology of the Uranium Deposits Related to the Sub-Athabasca Unconformity, Saskatchewan. GSC Paper 81-20, 56pp.

0708 WILLIAMS,RM (1976) Uranium Supply to 2000: Canada and the World. EMR Canada, Ottawa, 26pp.

0709 WILLIAMS,RM and LITTLE,HW (1973) Canadian Uranium Resource and Production Capability. EMR Canada, Ottawa, 27pp.

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