The following is an author-alphabetical selection of 76 public-domain titles, mostly relevant to the local geology and natural history of the Campbellford region. A minority of titles focus on the human history of the region, generally with some notes concerning the history of mining. The geological selection is largely concerned with the Paleozoic and Quaternary history of the region, themes dominating the surficial geology and landscape of Campbellford and Seymour township.

The literature of the Grenville shield to the north and northeast is too great to include here.

Selected unpublished findings in Turnstone reports will be found on this web site, such as references to glacial erratics, chert and fossils.

References (1951-2018)

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MTO (1988) Ontario Transportation Map, sheet 7. Ontario Ministry of Transportation, 1:250,000 scale. [one of a potentially excellent series of road maps --- killed off in the first edition by the ideology of the provincial government of the day, and to date not replicated by the private sector! - GCW].

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