Lake Superior Region:
Geology, Scenery and Minerals

A "slide show" on three levels


The 30 colour photographs in this show depict a counter-clockwise tour of geological features around Lake Superior, the world's largest freshwater lake (see Fig. 1). The lake has an area of 82,380 km2. It was part of the Mississippi drainage until the Pleistocene, and formed part of glacial lake Algonquin. The modern lake surface is 183 m above sea level, while the deepest point (406 m water depth) is 223 m below mean sea level! Starting at the Algoma district, the tour proceeds around the rocky shores of Ontario, also examining features in the hinterland to the immediate north of the lake. From the city of Thunder Bay, the tour proceeds to Duluth, Minnesota, and then east through Wisconsin to the Upper Peninsula of northern Michigan, U.S.A.

Lake Superior tour map [10 kb]

The Lake Superior Tour

Figure 1. Index Map for the Tour of Lake Superior Geology

Graphics by Jan Wybourn

The slide show is an expansion of a project outlined in Wilson (1994), and is an on-line example of the "tutorial" content envisaged for the CD-ROM version of the MINLIB database. The images were mostly chosen from a show presented at the Bancroft Gem & Mineral Club, 10 October 2001. The first on-line version was installed on 27 October 2001. Twenty such tutorials are envisaged for the first edition: one or perhaps two examples will appear on this web site.

There are three levels of captions of progressively higher detail and complexity. The audience levels are not precisely defined, but might be described as; "junior school", "curious adult" and "specialist". Click below to take the Tour!

Lake Superior Slide Show
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and, best of all, for geological insights into the region:
The Institute on Lake Superior Geology

The Advanced Tour provides suggested reading on a number of topics.
Readers wishing general information on the region may find the following references helpful.

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Selected References on the Lake Superior Region

The following references have been selected largely from the viewpoint of the rockhound, but there is some excellent general reading here on the region, and much to interest the professional geologist. Serious students of geology, mining, hydrology and related disciplines can learn much from the Institute on Lake Superior Geology, a unique annual meeting with a strong focus on field trips. Five of the photographs displayed here were taken on ILSG trips between 1993 and 2000, and several others were snapped en route to and from these low-key but highly professional events.

N.B. The reference list has been slightly updated, but much more could be said!

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