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Introduction Turnstone Activities and Products: Research, MINLIB
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Summary of principal services (Oct. 2022)
Graham Wilson - selected presentations and papers
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Summary Profile; sommaire en français; resumen en español
Detailed Web-site Map Much more-detailed List of Topics
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Rocks, Minerals, Meteorites and Other Natural and Artificial Curios
1. The latest "Rock of the Month"
Hand Specimen / Outcrop / Photomicrograph
2. The "Rock of the Month Index"
278 examples complete, with more than 1,100 lines of indexing
3. Meteorite Menu Specialised Index
4. Cannel Coal Essay on an Unusual Material
5. Moganite - Silica Revisited?
Bibliography of a Silica Polymorph
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Geographic Themes:
Geographic distribution of Turnstone projects Extensive, if incomplete listing
Local Info, Geology & Ecology Local Geology, Birds, Links, Fireball Events
Bird Check List, Seymour Township
Ecology Pages - Species Check Lists, Seymour Township
Crowe Bridge Conservation Area Detailed slide show
Algonquin Park History Guest Pages by Mary Garland
Lake Superior Geology Multi-Audience Slide Show
Earth-Science Databases, *** Including Turnstone Products
Links to Relevant Web Sites, (Oct. 2018) and to Quality Science & News Sites
Technical Scientific Literature 24 records from the MINLIB database
Recommended Readings in Descriptive Mineralogy 25 titles from MINLIB
Recommended Readings in Descriptive Mineralogy, II 28 more titles
Popular Scientific & Geopolitical Literature 35 selections from MINLIB & WORLD
Download in pdf format (partial selection):
Turnstone Glossary of Petrographic Terms 182 kb
1-page Summary of Services, July 2018 161 kb
Compact Catalogue of Canadian Meteorites, March 2017 75 kb
Memo on Meteorite Recognition 494 kb
Escott Reid, Canadian Diplomat 79 kb
Guest feature: AGID CANADA Time Capsule
(archive of a small international aid group)
Book & Journal Donations Welcome Page
History and Nature of the Project Introduction to AGID CANADA
Latest News Update Formal end of the project, late 2013
Executive Summary Capsule Information, Global Scope
The Warehouse, 2001 Warehouse Operation & Current Status
The Catalogue, 2001 Browse the Catalogue 2001/1

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