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AGID CANADA, a registered Canadian charity, is informally affiliated with AGID, the Association of Geoscientists for International Development. AGID CANADA conducts a modest three-stage program of international aid, with an educational theme, supported by volunteer labour and donations. Further information can be accessed at the foot of this page, to provide a detailed overview of the scope of the operation. In brief,


  • Collects books and journals on diverse Earth-science themes such as geology, geophysics, geochemistry, geomorphology, glaciology, hydrology and geological engineering.
  • Catalogues the material, and broadcasts the news to potential recipients in university and government institutions in developing countries - they are invited to return lists of the titles or themes they would like to augment their library collections.
  • At intervals, assigns titles to individual requests and compiles shipments, which must then be packaged safely to withstand international travel. Given the costs of shipment for consignments which may weigh anything from a few kilograms to one tonne or more, this is the most onerous and time-consuming part of the process, calling for patience and a degree of inventiveness.

    Orders for shipment fit one of two models. There are a) small "boutique" requests of book titles selected from the catalogues. These mostly include 1 to 5 boxes of highly-focused educational titles, including both undergraduate texts and specialized research works. Weighing under 100 kg in total, these are relatively expensive to ship per kilogram, unless geographic proximity or infrastructure developments allow them to be shipped in batches. There are also b) large requests, from 100 kg to 1 tonne or more, generally dominated by long sequences of technical journals. As with the books, the cost of these mostly-North American and European publications is prohibitive to many universities worldwide. The scale of these valuable reference works is such that palette-based container shipment is generally essential.

    The latest AGID CANADA catalogue, 2001/1, contains 1,638 book titles plus many series of technical journals. The arrangement of the main section of the catalogue includes 36 separate categories, including the following examples;

    Selected Subjects Number of titles
    Geophysics & Tectonics _______200________
    Economic Geology _______183________
    Hydrology & Hydrogeology _______118________
    Sedimentology _______105________
    Paleontology _______101________
    Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology ________76________
    General & Regional Geology ________72________
    Mineralogy ________56________
    Mineral Economics ________25________
    Quaternary Geology ________25________
    Planetary Science & Meteorites ________19________

    Two or more copies are available for many titles, and at least 37 titles are available in some quantity (5 to 50 or more copies each). Publication series from academic and government institutions include special volumes from the Geological Society of America (GSA, 106 titles), Geological Association of Canada (GAC, 46 titles), Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC, 34 titles), and others.

    The distribution of assembled materials continues throughout the year. The great success of the donation program has resulted in high inventory, and thus efforts from summer 2001 onwards will concentrate on the compilation and safe dispatch of both small and large shipments to recipient institutions around the globe. More detailed information, including opportunities to help this program in various ways, may be found on this web site now. Further details will be posted in the future. Additional details, including a list of many of the countries to which AGID CANADA has shipped, or intends to ship, books and journals are now available.

    Since 2005 the operation has been in "wind-down" mode, with dispatch of many pallet-loads of books to institutions in African countries and elsewhere. Look for two new press releases on this progress in summer 2007!

    catalogue item 0500 [28 kb] catalogue item 0023 [84 kb]
    The AGID CANADA collection includes over 1,600 available, catalogued titles (July 2001) with many more books and journals in reserve.


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