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A Clarification of the Terms of Services Offered by Wilson and Turnstone

From the date of the federal incorporation of Turnstone in Canada on 10 July 1985, I, Graham Wilson, have provided consulting reports and undertaken research as an owner-operator company, Turnstone Geological Services Ltd. These services will continue to be offered after 31 March 2003, but in a modified framework, as explained below.

The Professional Geoscientists Act, 2000, governs the offering of geological, geophysical, hydrogeological and related services to the public within the province of Ontario. This requires the registration of practising geoscientists, and I have complied with this (P.Geo designation in Ontario, No.623, 2002). My fee-based consulting work will continue, invoiced in my own name ("Graham C. Wilson, PhD, P.Geo", GST registration number 87044 7109 RT 0001).

Furthermore, as envisaged on this web site back in 2001, Turnstone Geological Services will change its emphasis. It will continue operation in terms of research, database compilation and publishing projects, and serve as a resource supporting Graham Wilson's personal projects, but it will cease invoiced consulting activities ("professional geoscience" in the meaning of the Act), and all projects commenced from 01 April 2003 onwards will be invoiced in the Wilson name, as explained above. This "Turnstone- on- the- Web" site will continue and expand its role as a free-access information service, and I hope you will enjoy it!

Caveat: This should not be construed as a legal document. It is however a policy statement and an example of what I consider fair disclosure and fair dealings with both customers and the public at large.

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Contact Graham Wilson at the above e-mail address

For further information on regulatory matters, please see:
(Association of) Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (PGO)
The Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists (CCPG)

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