Bibliography of Canadian Meteorites

Chronological Compilation, 1855 to 2012

This new bibliography is derived from Turnstone's MINLIB database,
and covers all records flagged as containing one or more of the
60 Canadian meteorites listed in Meteoritical Bulletin as a
unique find or fall, as of the first quarter of 2012.
Brief introductory notes are included.
The 580-item bibliography can be perused and downloaded from HERE
as a 2589-kb pdf file, as of 22nd June 2012.
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Interim Additions and Updates to the Bibliography, in chronological order

Currently with 10 entries, including correct citations for the three items in the special issue of
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, published as volume 50 no.1, January 2013.

Millman,PM (1953) A catalogue of Canadian meteorites. [with notes on 21 Canadian meteorites from Madoc to Abee, plus "Akpohon" and "Leeds"]. J.Roy.Astron.Soc. Canada 47 no.1, 29-32.

Karr,ML, Lewis,CF and Moore,CB (1970) Catalog of Meteorites in the Collections of Arizona State University including the Nininger Meteorite Collection. [Canadian entries include Abee, Bruderheim, Peace River, Shelburne, Benton, Springwater, Bruno, "Leeds" and Osseo, plus a little chip of Welland]. Center for Meteorite Studies, Arizona State University, v+257pp.

Notkin,G (2011) Meteorite Hunting: How to Find Treasure from Space. [Whitecourt, Buzzard Coulee]. Aerolite Meteorites LLC / Stanegate Studios, Tucson, xii+84pp.

Ruzicka,A, Hutson,M, Floss,C and Hildebrand,A (2012) Large silica-rich igneous-textured inclusions in the Buzzard Coulee chondrite: condensates, differentiates, or impact melts? Meteoritics & Planetary Science 47, 1809-1829.

Telus,M, Huss,GR, Ogliore,RC, Nagashima,K and Tachibana,S (2012) Recalculation of data for short-lived radionuclide systems using less-biased ratio estimation. [Springwater]. Meteoritics & Planetary Science 47, 2013-2030.

Weisberg,MK, Smith,C, Herd,C, Haack,H, Yamaguchi,A, Chennaoui Aoudjehane,H, Welzenbach,L and Grossman,JN (editors) (2012) The Meteoritical Bulletin, No.101, August 2012. [Lone Island Lake, from Manitoba, a well-rusted IAB-sLL iron of TKW 4.8 kg, found on a gravel bar of the Whiteshell River (14 pieces are known) and now the 61st officially classified Canadian meteorite]. Meteoritical Society on-line database.

Fry,C, Melanson,D, Samson,C, McCausland,PJA, Herd,RK, Ernst,RE, Umoh,J and Holdsworth,DW (2013) Physical characterization of a suite of Buzzard Coulee H4 chondrite fragments. Meteoritics & Planetary Science 48, 1060-1073.

Kissin,SA, MacRae,ND and Keays,RR (2013) Southampton, Canada's third pallasite. Can.J.Earth Sci. 50, 26-31.

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Wilson,GC and McCausland,PJA (2013) Canadian meteorites: a brief review. [many meteorites - tabulation of the first 60 "official" Canadian meteorites - 12 meteorites are discussed in chronological order of fall or find, from 1904 to 2009: Shelburne, Springwater, Dresden (Ontario), Abee, Bruderheim, Peace River, St-Robert, Tagish Lake, Southampton, Whitecourt, Buzzard Coulee, Grimsby]. Can.J.Earth Sci. 50, 4-13. Read this review of Canadian meteorites at GeoScienceWorld.

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